At Mt Archer Childcare Centre we believe that children learn through play.

Learning Environments

Our Rooms

Creating a loving and happy atmosphere for your child

We believe your child’s experience whilst engaging in play is the important factor in promoting development.

It is the process of these experiences, not the outcomes, that provides the learning. In our programs the equipment is a tool to enable your child to explore the process.

As early childhood professionals, the educators implement programs that provide a rich and integrated range of experiences that enhance your child’s learning and development.

Our Rooms:
Junior Kindy




The Nursery room at Mt Archer Early Learning runs a quality care program which provides the children with lots of interactions, and lots of hands-on experiences.

Our aim is to provide the children with a learning environment which will help them to develop their milestones in their own time, while having a tonne of fun at the same time.


Our toddler program is designed to be a play-based, interactive experience between classroom educators and the children. Some of the things the toddlers learn are how to count, formulate sentences, discover their artistic and musical interests and abilities, differentiate between their emotions, and learn about the world around them. Each child’s day is structured into learning blocks that focus on the core concepts for that day.

The core concepts consist of physical development (fine and gross motor skills), health, language and literacy, creative arts, early mathematics, social emotional development, and science and social studies. In the Toddlers room we aim to satisfy our individualised high expectations of all learners and have a great time while we are doing it.

Junior Kindy

In the Junior Kindy room we aim to achieve an inclusive environment which helps to develop each individual child’s learning.

We offer a play-based program which helps children to prepare for kindergarten and beyond through developing areas such as becoming independent, early literacy and numeracy, fine and gross motor skills, foster their creativity and artistic talents.

Through observing the children we are able to distinguish areas of interest. We then follow up on these interests by providing the right learning environment and opportunities to extend learning within their own interest areas and fostering their creativity and artistic talents.


The Kindergarten room at Mt Archer Early Learning offers an early childhood education program that is designed to help prepare your child for prep and beyond. The program delivers a play-based learning foundation upon which your child will have the opportunity to expand their physical abilities, build their confidence, enhance their social skills, and develop early literacy and numeracy knowledge.

The Kindergarten room is designed to be a safe and comfortable environment where fun, engaging, and challenging activities are provided to all children.

The Kindergarten program incorporates both outdoor and indoor learning experiences, and the set-up is continually being changed to ensure your child is consistently excited and inspired to try new things.

The teacher/educators in the room always try to plan activities, experiences and environments for your child that reflect their natural interests and that foster a fun environment to learn new knowledge and skills in.

Outdoor Play & Exploration

Our outdoor environments are divided into areas for under 3’s and over 3’s.  They are both spacious and boast natural areas, large sandpits, mud pits and plenty of flora and fauna.  Our resident chickens have been hand reared by our children and provide opportunities for building empathy and encouraging sustainability.

Your child will also be able to actively engage in two interactive water parks for fun and comfort in the central Queensland climate.

We have undercover veranda areas and offer a variety of experiences both indoors and outdoors every day.


The Schoolies room (before, after school, and vacation care) boasts a program which allows children to be able to relax after their day at school and participate in activities that are both planned by educators and initiated by themselves.

The schoolchildren are encouraged to use their self-help skills to help tidy the room after play, clean up after meals, and to help make afternoon tea.

The Out of School Hours Care program is able to drop off and pick up your child to and from school, as well as taking them on various excursions and outings on vacation care.

The program for vacation care is designed around the interests of the children and is put together via input from the children on where they would like to go and the activities they would like to do.

10 placements  5 years – 12 years